12 Oct 08 : An extraordinary Day..

I’d extremely like to go camping with my CU ex-club, Slum Club, very much (11-19 Oct). I had managed all things to let that period free, requested for consecutive 5-day annual leaves. But for now, right now, I’m staying here, right here still in Bangkok same building, same room, and surely the same boring routine.

So, why am I staying here, not going to catch my happiness at anywhere upcountry. Why?. Yes, every people have their own responsibility, and unfortunately (maybe fortunately up to state of my inner conscious) I’ve more responsibility than others guys or gals in same age. Not only just it be right now, It was always more step harder I belonged. I’d like to taste my childhood’s life, life with no responsibility or expectation from someone coerced, it could be the really great taste I’ve ever sense…. Wake up! it’s the past, so don’t be cry on the spilt milk.

Back to why I decided not going camp, first, there’s some kind of my responsibility (again) to stand by what I’ve developed on the day IWT (Industry Wide Test) that’s in Wed-Fri this week. Second, on Sat, there’s small outing for our Company’s Birthday, and maybe small Farewell party for us. Third, I’ve to look after my mom since she’d broken her foot’s finger last 2 weeks. Fourth, I’ve singing class Mon evening. And finally recently hot reason, from the last blog, I’ve to manage all stuffs happened, all kind of junks they drop and throw away, and we’ve decide to (re-) with our workforce, our sweats. And we’re proud of any outcomes. ‘Cuz they’re all ours.

Best regards to all camp attendances, you can learn many things there. Be worthwhile your life up there. Grasp it!!

3 thoughts on “12 Oct 08 : An extraordinary Day..”

  1. pakorn mingmaetan​gkul
    I was forced to reply this item in English.
    I agree with below comment , Don’t regret to doing.
    "Optimistic" ^.^
    ps. i dont quarral with anyone – my colleague. She’ve just kidding.
  2. With no responsibilities, a man is not worth living.
    Sometimes, one may face the dilemma to choose between his duty and his minuscule happiness.
    Evidently, and inevitably, the latter is much more crucial.
    Don’t regret doing so. Delaying immediate gratification can bring you about several better repercussions in return.  

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