5 June 2006 Huge Project starts, again!!



Yesterday, staff from Samart Call me.


i’ve passed the first round of Samart Innovation 2006..


The so-called program "Flash Get" on PC, inspiring me to introduce "Smart Download".


it’s download manager for Window Mobile platform…

On the prototype, we will develope on PDA phone environment… but i haven’t own one..55


Cuz’ of the problem of Network connection via Mobile devices that have unsteady signal strength, the program user downloaded may have error or data loss.

These can cause of overpaid in GPRS/EDGE.


So, ‘Smart Download’ can Reduce your monthly expense..


With Smart Download, You will get more save up!!!


Fight for the next Round!! if we have time to deal with this Mega-Project.. 555



3 thoughts on “5 June 2006 Huge Project starts, again!!”

  1. Wow !!! sound interesting wa …………….. Keep moving man  !!!!!
    Also share to me duay na when u win the priZe  . that ‘s gonna b greatest thing u should do
  2. Cheers! If your application really can reduce expense from downloading, you will got Excellent awards. But… how to reduce? I still have no idea now. (Flashget gain some overhead for multi-session downloading, that mean we will paid more expense in real situation.) However, I may misunderstood on your applicatoin concept, so… "JUST DO IT". Cheers again!!!
    By the way, why do I have to type in English, hu?

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